Emotional Ideas, Inc. is a B2B, Hardware and SaaS, Amusement Technology company with a current focus on revolutionizing the go-karting industry by combining Go-Kart racing, Laser Tag, and Interactive gaming technology. We are creating a first of a kind, combat amusement motorsport experience called, “BATTLE RACING”; bringing a childhood racing fantasy to reality by introducing a Nintendo® Mario Kart or Crash Team Racing “GAME-LIKE” hyper realistic combat racing experience to the physical world.

Since the invention of the Go-kart in 1956 there has been minimal changes to the original model with upgrades to date focused primarily on the product efficiency of go-karting. Now is the time to modernize the traditional look and feel of go-karting with new age technology, upgrading the experience to achieve what was once thought to be possible only in the virtual world of video gaming.

Our Patent Pending product; the GMLT™ (Go-Kart Mobile Laser-Tag) System interface, is a hyper realistic plug ‘n’ play hardware combat racing gaming kit and pairing gaming software system for commercial electric go-karts; presenting the Ultimate Laser-Tag Raceway Experience of the Future!

Emotional Ideas, inc will license and sale the GMLT™ system interface as an aftermarket upgrade option for Entertainment companies and Theme parks looking to upgrade their existing fleet of electric amusement GO-KARTS!


To contribute innovative ideas and amusement technology concepts that enhances the customer experience within the amusement, entertainment, and gaming industry.



Let’s face it. Besides swapping out combustion engines to electric and moving karts indoors, the go-karting industry has remained pretty basic since the late 50’s. But what if we took a page from Laser-Tag and Gaming and gave it a face lift?

The GMLT™ System is an Aftermarket, Plug-N-Play Upgrade, delivering a Combat Mobile Laser-Tag Gaming & Scoring System within and between Electric Go-Karts, Players, and the Track. Our system will bring Competitive Racing back to Amusement Go-karting with an innovative Twist.

The GMLT™ System leverages Modern Amusement Technology & Immersive Interactive Gamification Technology to deliver a Competitive Amusement Sport experience called “Battle Racing”, reigniting the excitement of the Go-Kart Motorsport Industry.


During the course of the race all players will automatically receive 1/5 general virtual power-ups at random that act as simulated weapon perks/upgrades during the race, allowing players to competitively and strategically battle race for first place.

As racers drive along the track, they will receive visual notifications on the mounted LED display screen, as well as audio sound bites within a Bluetooth helmet headset, stating the various in-game information such as awarded power-ups and damage reports.

Players will have access to an ergonomic gamified steering wheel with built-in haptic vibration technology plus front and rear trigger buttons for in-game actions, commands and offensive and defensive targeting functions.


Earned “Ultimate” perk that combines the power up effects of Turbo Boost, Vortex Shield, Laser Blasters and Oil Slick as a temporary reward after surpassing a set number of opponents.


Grants the ability for karts to temporarily simulate the act of invulnerability or protection from damage.


Grants the ability to shoot lasers at opponents directly ahead causing them to simulate Major damage resulting in the kart gradually coming to a complete stop before returning to optimal speed again.


Grants the ability to shoot lasers at opponents directly ahead simulating Minor damages resulting in the kart temporarily decreasing in speed, before returning to optimal speed again.


Grants the ability to temporarily speed up.


Grants the ability to activate a rear view split-screen feature allowing players to shoot lasers at opponents directly behind causing them to simulate Minor damage resulting in the kart temporarily slowing down.


Land mines are strategically placed RFID floor tags placed along the track with the purpose of simulating Damage to karts that run over them, resulting in the karts temporarily slowing down for a few seconds before returning to optimal speed again.


The GMLT™ System will revolutionize the spectators experience by introducing a BATTLE BOARD video wall in the lobby area that involves broadcasting a live video feed of each player’s facial reactions via the on-board selfie camera and in game actions such as real time player’s position, avatar name, awarded power ups, damage reports, etc. for all in the waiting area to Witness, Cheer, and even place a friendly bet!


Players will have the ability to personalize their experience by downloading the pairing Mobile Companion Application from the app store onto their smart phones for direct phone to go-kart synchronization, which allows them to Review Post-Game Stats, View Tier Rankings, and even Stream and Go-Live (using on-board selfie camera) on Social Media Platforms like Facebook and Twitch, etc. sharing their Battle Racing experience in real time with their social media friends and family!


Emotional Ideas Inc. is in search $950k for prototypes for seed round with a 12-20 month timeline to complete working prototypes, identify manufacturing cost, reevaluate product-market fit and develop a beta facility for testing, which will also serve as a pilot and demo site.
We have been officially granted a USPTO Non-provisional patent with 20 claims granted on the GMLT™ System interface, putting us in a position to be the first in the U.S. to market this mobile combat amusement experience to any entertainment venue that offers electric go-karts as a service. The GMLT™ system will be setting a new standard of entertainment within the go-karting industry worldwide. ADDITIONALLY, Battle Racing will lay the foundation of Combat Motorsports, which will revolutionize the Billion dollar motorsports and Esports industry for the millennial audience. As we go to market & build a fan base by introducing “BATTLE RACING” to Entertainment centers and Theme parks; our GMLT system will be the licensed sports equipment of a new proposed Professional Motorsport/ Esports league.

To date we have raised $160k to develop the GMLT™ System beyond speculative technology and have achieved the following progress below:

1.) $500k Software investment offer from CodeBoxx Ventures to cover all software for the 36 months.
2.) Signed Letter of Intent with #2 Commercial Go-kart Manufacturer in the world “BIZKARTS” for support and desire to sale & market our product as an upgrade option to their 228+ international customers.
3.) Granted US Patent on our GMLT™ system (20 Claims granted) and international patents filed and in process.
4.) Welp Magazine named “Emotional Ideas, inc” as 1 of the Top 22 Amusement and Arcade Startups to follow in 2021
5.) Contacted by project lead of a South coastal Theme Park currently under re-development and a request to be able to potentially contract to have our product as the go-kart attraction at the park (Signed LOI ).
6.) Development of network connections to Disney, Universal Studies, SEGA, and SONY.
7.) Accepted to the 22nd annual Angel Venture Fair Selection Day. Made top 30 out of 150+ National startups that were considered. angelventurefair.com
8.) Received Partnership scholarship with KitelyTech (Software firm) and partnership with Prefix Corporation (Hardware firm)
9.) Early Stage software development completed with KitelyTech
10.) Purchased 2 Commercial Electric Go-karts and completed a Retrofit Feasibility test with Prefix Corporation to validate the ability to modify/ retrofit an existing commercial electric go-kart.
11.) Opportunity in the works to represent the Memphis chapter at the 2021 Global Startup Grind Conference
12.) Awareness of Business, grown due to social media marketing like podcast interviews and social media outlets.
13.) Conversation with Nolan Bushnell, Founder of Atari & Chuck E Cheese, with positive feedback and acknowledgement around our concept.
14.)Product Compatibility offer with Game Credits- Gaming (in-game crypto currency for the gaming industry)- largest gaming currency in the world.
15.) Product Compatibility offer with Club Speed (World’s Leading Venue Management Software for Family Entertainment Centers)
16.) Partnership offer with Esports Circus (Esports, VR & Robotics mobile venue)
17.)Additional LOI’s and MOU’s in development with Esports Venues and Theme parks!
18.) Company Presented at Tech Stars Tampa Bay Virtual Conference.


“Being a big fan of racing and new innovations; Our entire team at Prefix is extremely excited to work with Emotional Ideas, Inc. on such a unique project. Combining the real world physical forces of driving a kart with the technology and entertainment of gaming, takes the karting experience to an entirely new level.”

Jhan R Dolphin
Vice President Business Development
Prefix Corp

“Anytime you can take a product or experience people already love, and find a way to update it for the next generation, you are on to something!”

Nolan Bushnell
Atari & Chuck E Cheese


Meet Our Team


Mr. Nelson has always been driven by a passion of, “how do I make this better?” His high interest in gaming, combined with his enthusiasm for business, brought him to the recognition that the current Go-Kart entertainment business model was ripe for a new and dramatic upgrade. After his initial idea conceptualization, he sought advice and counsel with others, which led to the development of the “Battle Racing” concept, combining Go-Kart racing with Laser Tag, as a technological disruptive idea. Mr. Nelson is a self-driven, results-oriented, team leading entrepreneur with a passion to build a company of lasting significance. He obtained his BBA in Business Management in 2015 at the University of Memphis. With an intense study and passion in amusement entertainment since 2010, Mr. Nelson has dedicated himself to learning the leadership skills and qualities that will uniquely qualify him to lead and introduce an innovative entertainment opportunity such as the unique Laser Tag Go-Karting concept into the market. Despite being young in business, he is constantly looking for ways to mature in business, develop his skills and acumen by humbling himself to the wisdom of successful business advisors. He has a committed willingness to accept advice, learn and adapt quickly to changing situations and has an open mind to new ideas and concepts.



During his tenure with Kimberly-Clark Corporation, Mr. McKeel served in a progressive succession of positions, at both facility and corporate level. He developed a reputation as a “turn around manager” and as someone who could tackle difficult issues and make them successful. He has a passion for manufacturing, supply chain and business process analysis. After early retirement in 2010, he worked in various consulting positions and has provided advice for a number of small businesses. He met Mr. Nelson at a University of Memphis business event and was impressed by Mr. Nelson’s dedication and willingness to put in the work necessary to be successful. Mr. McKeel partnered with Mr. Nelson as a Business Process Consultant during this time frame.
Mr. McKeel is a perfect synergistic compliment and outstanding business partner to Mr. Nelson. He operates as both a partner and a business mentor to Joshua Nelson.

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